Science BooksEdit

The Big Book of Science(3 Science)
Nikola Tesla and You (3 Science)
A Guide To Practical Chemistry (3 Science)
Great Scientists of the 20th Century (3 Science)
Newtonian Physics (3 Science)
Zelenka's Laws (3 Science)
A Guide To Potions and Elixirs (2 Science, 1 Medicine)
Tectonic Tonics (2 Unarmed, 1 Unarmed)
Amateur Cryo-processing (2 Science, 1 Melee Weapons)
Studies on High Velocity Projectiles( 2 Science, 1 Small Guns)
Physics 101(2 Science, 1 Big Guns)
Dr. Merkwürdigliebe's Guide To Nuclear Energy(2 Science, 1 Energy Weapon)
Experiments with Composition C (2 Science, 1 Explosives)
Applying Rational Thinking (2 Science, 1 Speech)
The Practical Alchemist (2 Science, 1 Barter)
Uses of Dampening Fields (2 Science, 1 Sneak)
Hoffman's Guide to Chemistry (2 Science, 1 Lockpick)
Adhesive Epoxies Examined (2 Science, 1 Repair)
Dr. Banner's Gamma Cookbook (2 Science, 1 Strength)
Distilling Vitamins Volume A (2 Science, 1 Perception)
Friedrich Runge's Discoveries (2 Science, 1 Endurance)
A Guide to Pheromones (2 Science, 1 Charisma)
Diary of a Self-proclaimed Madman (2 Science, 1 Intelligence)
Parker's Guide to Arachnids(2 Science, 1 Agility)
A Possibility of Distilling Favorable Probability (2 Science, 1 Luck)

Medicine BooksEdit

The Big Book of Medicine (3 Medicine)
The Exploits of Haus McGregor(3 Medicine)
Coping With Mr. Virus! (3 Medicine)
US Medical corps Field Manual (3 Medicine)
Pharmacist Guide 4th Edition(3 Medicine)
Diagnosing Common Ailments (3 Medicine)
Health Benefits of Radioactivity (2 Medicine, 1 Science)
Bandaging Bruised Knuckles and Egos (2 Medicine, 1 Unarmed)
Safety With Sharp Objects (2 Medicine, 1 Melee Weapons)
Gray's Anatomy(2 Medicine, 1 Small gun)
Reducing Fire Hazards and Incineration(2 Medicine, 1 Big Guns)
Treatment for Plasma and Chemical Burns (2 Medicine, 1 Energy Weapons)
Surgical Reattachment of Appendages (2 Medicine, 1 Explosives)
Protocol for Breaking Bad News (2 Medicine, 1 Speech)
Battlefield Medicine (2 Medicine, 1 Barter)
Ignoring Procedure and Getting Away With it (2 Medicine, 1 Sneak)
Applied Microsurgery (2 Medicine, 1 Lockpick)
Cybernetic Installation and Repair (2 Medicine, 1 Repair)
Steroids and You(2 Medicine, 1 Strength)
Basic Optometry(2 Medicine, 1 Perception)
How to Log In Those Extra Hours (2 Medicine, 1 Endurance)
Helpful Hints and Reminders For You're Next Performance Review (2 Medicine, 1 Charisma)
The Good Doctor (2 Medicine, 1 Intelligence)
Bladed Savants (2 Medicine, 1 Agility)
The Miracle Worker's Tips (2 Medicine, 1 Luck)

Unarmed BooksEdit

Marquess of Queensberry Rules (3 Unarmed)
Nada's Guide to Combat (3 Unarmed)
Hard Hitting Quarterly (3 Unarmed)
Stylistic Sambo Styles (3 Unarmed)
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques(3 Unarmed)
Offencive and Defencive Tactics(3 Unarmed)
Electrolytes and Physicality (2 Unarmed, 1 Science)
Guide to Pressure Points (2 Unarmed, 1 Medicine)
Disarming You're Opponent ( 2 Unarmed, 1 Melee Weapons)
US Army Hand-to-hand Combat Manual (2 Unarmed, 1 Small Guns)
Bullying to Impress your Friends(2 Unarmed, 1 Big Guns)
The Benefits of Kinetic Gauntlets(2 Unarmed, 1 Energy Weapons)
Grognak the Barbarian Meets The Fire Fisted Man(2 Unarmed, 1 Explosives)
How To Gain A Prizefighters Psychic(2 Unarmed, 1 Speech)
The Mob's Guide to the Protection Racket (2 Unarmed, 1 Barter)
Tales of Ezio, Il Cavallo Italiano(2 Unarmed, 1 Sneak)
Ambidexterity For Beginners Book One(2 Unarmed, 1 Lockpick)
Impact Gloves And You (2 Unarmed, 1 Repair)
Boxing Quarterly (2 Unarmed, 1 Strength)
Deep Breathing Exercises(2 Unarmed, 1 Perception)
Pugilism Illustrated(2, Unarmed, 1 Endurance)
How to be a Champion (2 Unarmed, 1Charisma)
A Classic History of Boxing Technique (2 Unarmed, 1 Intelligence)
Swarming Tactics (2 Unarmed, 1 Agility)
Friends In High Places (2 Unarmed, 1 Luck)

Melee Weapons Books

The Modern Swordsman (3 Melee Weapons)
Sword Exercises for Infantry (3 Melee Weapons)
Count Rugen's Definitive Book of Swordplay (3 Melee Weapons)
Tales of The Templars(3 Melee Weapons)
Blades of Honour (3 Melee Weapons)
Howlett's Journey (3 Melee Weapons)
Swinging Techniques and Mechanics (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Science)
Above the Cut: Ten Ways to Win (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Medicine)
Grognak the Barbarian In the Lair of the Virgin Eater(2 Melee Weapons, 1 Unarmed)
History of Bayonets (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Small Guns)
Claymore Wielding (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Big Guns)
Assembling and Maintaining Functional Energy Swords (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Energy Weapons)
Reinventing The Wheel: Uses of The Shuriken (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Explosives)
The Life of William Wallace (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Speech)
Knowing if You're Getting the Best Blade for the Best Price (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Barter)
Katana Wielding Today (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Sneak)
Personalized Engraving Manual (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Lockpick)
A History of Smithing (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Repair)
Landsknecht Training (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Strength)
The Fox's Guide to Swords (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Perception)
Becoming a Prestigious Fencer (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Endurance)
Hopkin's "Charm" (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Charisma)
A Tactical Mind (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Intelligence)
Rapier Training Manual (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Agility)
Aramis's Testament (2 Melee Weapons, 1 Luck)

Small Guns BooksEdit

Guns and Bullets (3 Small Guns)
the Ultimate Hunting Guide (3 Small Guns)
The Colt Handbook (3 Small Guns)
The Winchester Catalogue (3 Small Guns)
Guns, Guns, Guns (3 Small Guns)
Cast in Solid Iron: A History of Small Arms (3 Small Guns)
Swaging: From Casting to Bullet (2 Small Guns, 1 Science)
Logan's Gun (2 Small Guns, 1 Medicine)
Conserving Ammunition (2 Small Guns, 1 Unarmed)
Hunting and Skinning (2 Small Guns, 1 Melee Weapons)
The Survivalist's Guide to Modifying Guns (2 Small Guns, 1 Big Guns)
A Beginner's Guide to Heavier Firepower (2 Small Guns, 1 Energy Weapons)
US Army Rifle Gernade Manual (2 Small Guns, 1 Explosives)
Bullets Speak Louder Than Words (2 Small Guns, 1 Speech)
Persuasion Through Intimidation (2 Small Guns, 1 Barter)
Derringer Enthusiast Volume 2 (2 Small Guns, 1 Sneak)
Using the Right Caliber For the Right Job (2 Small Guns, 1 Lockpick)
US Army Rifle Maintenance Manual (2 Small Guns, 1 Repair)
Long Distance Running (2 Small Guns, 1 Strength)
US Army Sniping Manual (2 Small Guns, 1 Perception)
Marching With Valor (2 Small Guns, 1 Endurance)
Chicks Dig Warriors With Scars (2 Small Guns, 1 Charisma)
Mao on Guerilla Warfare (2 Small Guns, 1 Intelligence)
Murphy's Quickdraw Law (2 Small Guns, 1 Agility)
Luck of the Irish Firearm (2 Small Guns, 1 Luck)

Big Guns BooksEdit

Energy Weapons BooksEdit

Explosives BooksEdit

Speech BooksEdit

Barter BooksEdit

Sneak BooksEdit

Lockpick BooksEdit

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