Welcome Aboard!Edit

Welcome one and all to the official Fallout: Project N.Y.F Wiki!

It Has Begun.

For all who are new to this site, let me lay it out for you. Project N.Y.F is a plan to create a Fallout game in New York City.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the project, including Quests, Maps, Items, Weapons, Characters, etc.

Submissions from any Fallout fan will be considered. Feel free to edit what you think needs to appropriately edited, and also feel free to create your own pages to help better the story, or create a page for a new kind of weapon, the list goes on!

If you feel you have the creative enough mind and a strong dedication, why not join the development team? If you wish to contact us about joining, email us at for more info.

Hope to see you all hustling and bustling in the streets of New York City soon!