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The New York Federation or N.Y.F, is a small group of seperately governed provinces in Post-War New York City. Each province used to be a seperate borough during Pre-War times. Since then, the boroughs were re-inhabited by denizens of the wastes.

Before the Great WarEdit

During Pre-War times, New York City was the heart of the far East. People of many cultures came to New York City in search of a better life. New York City was also the largest hub of large corporations including, INFURMACORP, Burlesque Fashions, and Colonial Arms. Things were good at first, though towards the beginning of the Great War, things were taking a turn for the worst in New York City.

Economical DeclineEdit

During the year 2070, New York City was suffering from a finacial meltdown. Due to the war effort in Alaska and soaring fuel prices, the city's economy nearly collapsed. Large companies began to fail and declare bankruptcy. Also due to the bad economy, only three vaults were built in the New York City area due to budget cuts, therefore the vaults were poorly built and ultimately failed. Riots regulary occured in the streets because of food prices and other necessites being to overpriced. One year later, the New York Stock Exchange officialy closed it's doors forever, but the New York government told the public, "It will only be closed until we can get our economy on steady ground again", though this would never happen.

During the Great WarEdit

On October 23rd, 2077, New York City,among other numerous places, were bombarded with nuclear bombs and missiles during the Great War. Many citizens did not head the air raid sirens, therefore did not try to find a place to escape te nuclear devastation. After the war, the city went into darkness. The nuclear exchange also changed the areas climate drastically, such as radioactive monsoons, deadly twisters, and occasional but violent earthquakes. Mutations seemed to occur overnight. Many species of animals began to grow larger and more hostile, some even taking humanoid form. The once great city would remain in darkness for 77 years.

Rebirth of New York CityEdit

In 2154, Vault 14 was the first to open. The residents were shocked to see how devasted the city had become. Few vault travelers wanted to trek into the rubble, but one man by the name of Robert Hale volunteered to go out in search of other living people. Robert inspired many from the vault to accompany him in the dangerous travel. Over 45 men and women volunteered to join him. On March 12th, the group set off for their expedition. Nine of expeditioners died during the first day due to falling rock and rebar. After three days, they had reached the west coast of Manhattan, and there they say the Statue of Liberty, frail, but still intact. Robert fell to his knees and cried tears of joy as he stared longingly at the statue. He turned to his group and said,

" Today my friends, we have just witnessed that even through the nuclear devastation, our symbol of freedom and liberty... can still stand tall. We shall rebuild. It will take time yes, but in time, we shall reclaim our great city from this smoldering pile of rubble. My friends... 'For liberty and justice for all.' ".

- Robert Hale

Formation of the boroughs and The New York FederationEdit

During the next few months of the expedition, Robert and his team had set up small camps in Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. Along their travels, they came cross a considerable amount of survivors living in underground sewers and subway maintenance tunnels. Robert offered them all safety, food, and shelter if they agreed to accompany him on the expedition, they all agreed. After a year and a half of traveling, Robert Hale and his group expedtioners had set up colonies in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and almost all of Manhattan. By this time, everyone from Vault 14 had left and migrated to various colonies that Robert had established. By the end of the expedition, Robert's team was as large as 100+ people. After the expedition was complete, Robert assigned leaders to each new recolonized borough. Robert stated that, " We must try to regain a system of government to keep things as stable as we can.". During the early months of 2157, Robert and his assigned leaders of the boroughs met in the Empire State Building in Manhattan to draft what would be know as the "Liberty Doctrine". This doctrine would give independence to each borough and allow them to regulate their own economies, but all would agree to meet together to discuss issues concerning each borough. Also, each borough was given a new name. Manhattan was renamed into Liberty's Republic. Brooklyn was renamed into New Brooklyn. Bronx, during this time, remained part of Liberty's Republic. Bronx, would later be bought from Liberty's Republic to form the borough of Refuge, a haven for runaway slaves. Lastly, Queens was renamed into the Concrete Valley. This borough was most dangerous to trek due to monstrous mutated animals, Super Mutants, and Raiders. Concrete Valley has little to no economic output, therefore they have only one representative. On June 4th, 2157, The New York Federation was offically formed.

Journey to Staten IslandEdit

During 2160, Robert had proposed an idea for an expedition to Staten Island. The representatives from each borough agreed, but had some concerns. The representatives from New Brooklyn had concerns that because no one had ever been to Staten Island since the war, would it even be habitable. The representative from Concrete Valley believed that the area was filled with hostile life and could not possibly be colonized. Even though the concerns were large, the vote passed. On April 23rd, 2160, several salvaged ships from each borough sailed to the northeast coast of Staten Island. The expeditioners to their surprise, were met by a large group of soldiers in T-51b Power Armor. The soldiers looked as shocked as the expeditioners did, though they greeted them kindly. The soldiers escorted the expitioners to the Staten Island Courthouse. There, they were met by a man named Lewis Rolin. Both Lewis and the expeditioners had questions for one another. The expedtioners told Lewis all about the re-colonization of the boroughs up north. Lewis was facinated by their stories. Lewis then told his story. Lewis told them he and his family came from Vault 45. After they had left their vault, they traveled Staten Island in search of survivors. On their journey, the vault dwellers came across Fort van Buren, which was stocked full of weapons, food, and Power Armor. He then told them how he and the other vault dwellers founded the Staten Island Empire. He told them that his troops had already captured land from the Raider-held penninsula north of Staten Island. the expeditioners were amazed at the military strength that the Staten Island Empire possessed. They and Lewis talked about the Staten Island Empire joining the New York Federation. Lewis considered it, but would not join until he talked to the borough leaders. After a week of studying, the expeditioners along with Lewis and his diplomats returned to Liberty's Republic. Lewis met with Robert Hale and the other borough leaders at the Empire State Building on April 31st, 2160, to discuss the matter of the Staten Island Republic joining the N.Y.F.. The talks went well and a deal was made. The Staten Island Empire would agree to offer military assistance to the other boroughs, while the other boroughs provide commodities to the Staten Island. On March 1st, 2160, the Staten Island Empire became the fifth borough of the New York Federation.

Tensions EscalateEdit

Many years passed since the New York Federation was fully formed. Robert Hale, Lewis Rolin, and the other leaders of the boroughs had since passed away. A whole new generation of leaders had taken control. Henry Rolin, son of Lewis Rolin, became leader of the Staten Island Republic. Markus DeLaney became leader of Liberty's Republic. Since the deaths of the original leaders, the Staten Island Empire and Liberty's Republic began to have problems. The first being and foremost being the use of the Statue of Liberty. Markus wanted the statue used as a sacred landmark to commemorate the original founders the N.Y.F while Henry wanted to use it as a weapon, because during inspection of the statue in 2185, the scientists and engineers found a hidden active nuclear missile silo inside the base of the statue. During the annual meeting of leaders, Markus stated that,

" The silo is highly damaged as it is, if we launched that missile, there is no telling if it would just plummet back down and kill us all. Besides, I doubt there would be any threat large enough to were we need a nuclear missile to defend ourselves. It's to risky, and besides in doing so, the statue itself would be destroyed as result. That staue may not be of any importance to you Mr. Rolin, but it is to the people of Liberty's Republic."

- Markus DeLaney "Meeting of Leaders 2185"

Henry was outraged by Markus's decision. Henry retorted,

" Mr. DeLaney, I have full confidence in my borough's scientists to be able to repair any damage to the missile. That missile could very well be our last bastion of defense against a full scale invasion. I think it's very selfish of you to not want to use this missile as a defense weapon just because it serves as a landmark. The statue is falling apart as it is. It's not going to last anyway.

- Henry Rolin "Meeting of Leaders 2185"

Henry Rolin's speech angered Markus so much, that he walked out of the meeting and never returned. This would mark a turning point in the N.Y.F's history. Weeks later, a small carrier sailed to Ellis Island to deposit troops on the island. The troops forcefully removed all Liberty's Republic citizens from the island and executed those who refused to leave. This action would mark the beginning of the First Battle of Ellis Island. A day later, Markus declared war on the Staten Island Republic. Markus stated in a press interview that,

" Unecessary agression will not stand against the peaceful borough of Liberty's Republic and it's people."

- Markus DeLaney "Liberty News Press Interview, March 15th, 2185"

The First Battle of Ellis IslandEdit

During the following weeks after the Staten Island Empire's invasion of Ellis island, intense fighting occured on and around the island. The Staten Island Empire had the advantage of better firepower, but Liberty's Republic knew the area much better. The Liberty's Republic Army held strong on the island for three solid weeks. The Staten Island Alliance made several attempts to push forward, but were defeated due to L.R.A troops being sent from New Brooklyn to flank the them. The S.I.A pulled back but as a last action of defiance, launched mid-range artillery at the Statue of Liberty damaging it badly. After a total five weeks of fighting, the S.I.A retreated from Ellis Island. In the aftermath, the island was nothing more than rock. Two days after the retreat, the Staten Island Empire sent a formal letter seceedment to Markus DeLaney. From there on, the Staten Island Empire became a truly independent borough.

The New York Federation TodayEdit

Currently in the 2283, the New York Federation is still a four borough federation. The Liberty's Republic territory of Bronx was sold to a former slave named Jack Freeman to form the borough of Refuge. New Brooklyn is now the largest trading hub in the New York Federation. The Staten Island Empire is still an independent isolationist borough. Ellis Island is still occupied by the Liberty's Republic Army. Recently, a large raider group known as The Inquisitors have made there way into the New York Federation. They currently hold all land to the west of the N.Y.F and some small areas on the inside.
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New York City several years after the Great War


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